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Your Trusted
Cross-Border M&A Advisor in Germany

We help B2B SMEs from the Western hemisphere buy German companies with the optimum strategic fit.

Our Services


Cross-border BUY

The experts at Blunaranja Capital develop a comprehensive strategic anorganic growth concept for each client. We cultivate a collaborative and innovative approach. This is how we help our clients to develop successfully.

If you're planning an acquisition, we'll help you find the right targets with our Strategic Search & Close (SSC) methodology, designed specifically for cross-border acquisitions in the Western world.


This means you will buy companies that demonstrate a sustainable business model, show the best strategic fit with your business and deliver the best value for money.



Cross-border SELL

Since Blunaranja Capital was founded in 2014, a large number of companies have used our services. With each of our projects, we work hard to build a productive relationship with our clients and understand their needs and goals.


We help you sell your business to the right buyer using our Strategic Value Trade Sale (SVTS) methodology. This method is proven to maximise business value, increase the likelihood of a profit and minimise risk without the burden of complicated procedures that confuse both you and the buyer.


What this means for you is that you can sell your business at the best price and retain the opportunity to benefit from future profits (e.g. success payments or IP licensing agreements) at the lowest possible risk.


Corporate Transformation

For many SMEs from abroad with branches or subsidiaries in Germany, it is not always easy to keep track of all the local nuances of management and culture. 


This is all the more true in times of crisis, when it is not uncommon for restructuring to become necessary. 


We help you on site with our local know-how and international mindset to lead a restructuring quickly and effectively to success. We accompany you operationally, also on an interim basis, from the strategic transformation to the clarification of all financial and administrative issues.


We have three preferred sectors that we support and can also help with scouting only, mandates. 

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