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Our Story

In 2014, Armin L. Rau founded Blunaranja Capital with the aim to share his international and intercultural experience in shaping large corporate transactions with international small and medium sized enterprises planning to strategically enter the German market via an acquisition. 

Over the years, Armin established a professional boutique whose main differentiator is the capacity to moderate between various business cultures and nationalities. 

In addition, Blunaranja has defined clear principles for every mandate which makes every collaboration clear and easy from the very beginning:

6 Basic Principles


Practical and pragmatic approach

We analyse as much as necessary and as little as possible. The goal of our joint mission is to achieve the best possible result for both parties as quickly as possible: Therefore, we strive to be as efficient as possible to save you money.


Industry expertise

All our corporate finance experts and partners have worked in the high-tech and business services sectors and therefore understand the industry, its leaders, its dynamics and its trends. As a result, blunaranja capital combines more than 100 years of professional experience in international high-tech and business services companies and consultancies.


Business first, finance second

We always start by understanding and presenting the business story before moving on to the financial intricacies.



We only work on things we really understand; high tech, business services and the associated finances that go hand in hand with the companies and their industries.


International and intercultural

We are a very international firm with partners in Western Europe, the United States and Latin America. We can handle your mandate locally in seven languages, with English being the "lingua franca" for all documents.


100% money-back guarantee

Our fees are always a mix of fixed rates (e.g. on signature, monthly, milestone-based) and success payments. If you are not satisfied with our services in the first 30 days of working with us, you will get your money back. 100%. Without giving any reason.


(This situation has never occurred before, but we believe this approach best minimises your risk of working with a consultant you have not worked with before).


Our practical and structured approach, our clear focus, our industry expertise and our global network of partners and investors will result in you finding a partner that is a perfect fit for you as quickly as possible.


We have clear rules for cooperation


We believe we owe you an open and honest approach to business. Value and sustainable relationships take precedence over short-term benefits. Therefore, we emphasise some basic rules from the beginning of the cooperation.


The following rules, which we have defined for good cooperation, will help you to decide whether we are a suitable cooperation partner for you:


We expect our clients to invest a minimum of effort in order to make a transaction successful: although blunaranja capital's methods are only a minimal distraction to your daily business, you must be prepared to invest time in the planned transaction.


We only work in industries that we fully understand, so we are unlikely to be able to help you if you are not in the high-tech or business services sector.


We have worked on a large number of transactions and therefore have a pretty good view of what a realistic price range for your business might be; our analysis and benchmarks will provide these results; we prefer to work with clients who share our realistic view in this regard.

Partnership is the key to success: we will approach several meetings before we start the actual work and in these we will establish our common rules of the game; we do not work in vendor-client relationships; we prefer to work with you as a trusted advisor and partner.

Our clients should be prepared to take risks during the transaction and accept that the outcome of a corporate finance project can never be predicted with certainty.


Our fees are not 100% success-based: there are two simple reasons for this approach: 1. good work should be paid for; 2. work that is not paid for does not get enough attention on either side of the collaboration; we believe that you should have our full attention during such an important project and that we must have yours too if we are to make the collaboration successful.


The strategic search for investors and targets is a complicated, complex and time-consuming process; it needs a well-defined methodology, the right tools (in which we have invested), qualified resources, and a lot of experience; we expect our clients to invest a reasonable amount in this challenging mission.


1 Please note that blunaranja capital does not provide legal, tax or financial advice and does not perform independent business valuations.

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