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Our projects

We are specialised on cross-border BUY transactions in the SME environment in Germany. Please find a sample of our most prominent projects here. 

Armin with the Jobandtalent team in Madrid, celebrating their success.

Jobandtalent S.L., Spain


Jobandtalent with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, is one of the fastest growing startups in the world with a focus on the digitalisation of temporary labour. Since its inception in 2016, it has grown in the meantime to a multi-bliion global organisation. We are proud that we could help our client realise its above-average growth targets with our M&A advisory services.



When starting our collaboration in 2019, Jobandtalent was aiming for aggressive international growth via acquisitions in various European countries. They asked Blunaranja to help implement their strategy in Germany and France.



With our help. Jobandtalent was able to complete four transactions taking over 100% of the three temporary work companies in Germany and one in France. 

Voice of the Client

Working with Blunaranja Capital has been an all in all great experience, especially in terms of the way we worked together and the results. We worked closely together throughout the project and the results we achieved had an incredible impact on our business.


Working with Armin and his colleagues on a daily basis was very easy, the whole Blunaranja team was more or less available 24 hours a day to give us advice and support. Armin was the key figure in all communications with targets and during negotiations. He did not delegate any important tasks, which helped us a lot.


If we had to highlight the three most important aspects of Blunaranja's services, they would be the following:


Reliability and availability: in our business there are daily challenges that need an immediate and effective solution, Blunaranja always gives this.

Language, communication and culture: in order to successfully enter new markets, it is important to be able to count on the support of experts who not only provide translations, but also understand the specific culture of the country, the peculiarities of our sector and the business attitude of the sellers.

Based on a deep knowledge of the market in terms of culture and players, Blunaranja has successfully helped us to overcome cultural barriers and understand the sector in Germany and France.

This expertise is key to executing cross-country transactions and Blunaranja delivers perfectly.

Strategy: Blunaranja advised us not only on sourcing and execution of the deal, but also on timing, strategic locations and long-term plans to build meaningful projects with great growth potential in Germany.

In addition, Armin's great problem-solving skills in difficult negotiations led to closing transactions quickly and achieving an optimal cost-benefit ratio.


All in all, the cooperation with Blunaranja was excellent and all discussions with us and the sellers were perfectly executed to put all parties in a comfortable position.


Blunaranja was an essential partner for us and our expansion plans in Germany. Blunaranja's approach is methodical, adaptable and Armin was willing to share his in-depth knowledge with us throughout the process.

Ana Sastre, Head of Corporate Development, Jobandtalent S.L., Madrid

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